STAR E Online Final Meeting on 18th June 2020 – taking stock and shaping the future!

We are glad to announce the STAR E Final partnership meeting which will take place all day tomorrow 18th June. The online meeting will bring together 26 participants from the 9 participating organisations in 8 different EU countries. Due to the Covid19 Pandemic which made it impossible to hold the meeting in Copenhagen as planned, they will use digital conference tools to meet and work together. The programme starts with looking back and taking stock of the project results. Then we will ask ourselves the very important question – what to do with the results and where to go with the project from here??? A 2-hour workshop in the afternoon will help us to find answers and to shape ideas for future activities… as recent worldwide protests and violent attacks on BPoC show – there is still a lot to be done and there are many needs in this field!

Please find more information in the press release


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