Racism in Europe

Racism is, whether visible and acknowledged or invisible, an increasing challenge within European society, and for international and European youth work.

European and international youth organisations play an important role in responding to the ever-increasing challenges of racism and intolerance. Over the last few years, the rising nationalism and radicalisation of young people has become an increasing threat to peace and democracy in many countries of the European Union and in other countries worldwide.

Youth organisations ought to be facilitators of inclusion.

As such, they need to be credible institutions who base their educational programmes on a truly anti-racist structure, an anti-racist culture and an anti-racist understanding of all their members.

The Standing Together Against Racism in Europe (STAR E) project was inspired by a group of youth and voluntary service organisations based across Europe who wanted to explore how to raise issues of racism, privilege and discrimination with our young people.

How can we become more diverse and inclusive organisations that reflect the communities with which we work, through approaches to organisational change?

Through engaging in this project, we explored methods and concepts in racism-sensitisation: adapting them to our own organisational culture and needs, testing them, and assessing their impact on our staff, volunteers and young people.

It is our hope that the two handbooks we have developed through this project will provide inspiration to other youth organisations, and that together we can all be part of creating a inclusive and tolerant Europe.

Standing Together Against Racism: A Training Handbook

This handbook provides concepts and methods for staff to use in youth and voluntary service organisations. These activities provide a forum in which to identify and challenging racist attitudes and their harmful effects.

Access the handbook online

Or download the full handbook (PDF)

Managing organisational change: Tools and methods to become a diversity-sensitive NGO

This handbook introduces dynamics and perspectives we consider central within the theoretical approach to diversity. It also introduces instruments and tools to facilitate change processes towards becoming a more diverse and inclusive organisation.

Access the handbook online

Or download the full handbook (PDF)

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