Standing Together Against Racism in Europe (STAR E) is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Project for Development of Innovation co-ordinated by ICJA Freiwilligenaustausch weltweit, Berlin, Germany.

The aim of this project is to strengthen the role and profile of youth NGOs in combating racism, becoming facilitators of dialogue and inclusion and empowering young people of colour, refugees and migrants at European level through strategic partnership.

From August 2017 to July 2020, participants from 9 partner organisations contributed their strengths, competences and experiences in developing innovative educational concepts and management strategies, which enable youth organisations to realize and confront the realities of racism in their own working contexts and environment.

With the support of experts in the fields of anti-racism sensitivity training and organizational development they will review and adapt their educational programs,  structures and change management in order to shape them more accessible and sensitive to the needs and situation of migrants, refugees and people of colour.


Transnational meetings were carried out in 6 different countries (Germany, Iceland, UK, Finland, Slovakia and Denmark) from November 2017 to March 2020. Besides planning the project implementation, each of these meetings included a one-day thematic workshop.

Three of these focused on anti-racism sensitivity training for youth workers, trainers and multipliers and three focused on change management and anti-racism sensitivity for staff, decision makers and volunteer co-workers of youth NGOs.

Training Projects

Two Key Action 1 projects were submitted by partner organizations in Denmark and Germany. One focused on anti-racism training methodology and one focused on anti-racism change management in youth NGOs.


To sustain the results of the project and to enhance its visibility, two intellectual outputs in the form of handbooks were generated, one on change management tools and methods and one on anti-racism training methods in the context of anti-racism. These are available to download on this website.

Multiplying Events

Finally, the results of the project are being promoted though events organized by the partners in each of the participating countries.

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