Strategic Partnership – Development of Innovation 2017-2020

STAR E in summary

European and international youth organizations play an important role in responding to the challenge of the increasing racism and intolerance towards refugees, migrants and people of colour and the rising nationalism and radicalization of youth which over the past 2 years has become more and more threatening to peace and democracy in many countries of the EU and in other countries worldwide. In an immigration society youth organizations ought to be facilitators of inclusion. As such they need to be credible institutions who base their educational programs on a truly anti-racist structure, an anti-racist culture and an anti-racist understanding of all members of the NGO.


In this context the aim of the strategic partnership project “STAR E” is to strengthen the role and profile of youth NGO’s in combating racism, becoming facilitators of dialogue and inclusion and empowering young people of colour, refugees and migrants at European level.


From August 2017 to July 2020, participants from 9 partner organizations will put together their strengths, competences and experiences in developing innovative educational concepts and management strategies which enable youth organizations to realize and confront the realities of racism in their own working contexts and environment.


With the support of experts in the fields of anti-racism sensitivity training, they will review and adapt their structures and educational programs, in order to shape them to be more accessible and sensitive to the needs and situation of migrants, refugees and people of colour (PoC).