European Parliamentary Elections

Release of UNITED’s Index of Discriminatory Parties in Europe

Who are the parties and politicians spreading hatred and intolerance in Europe?

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

A week before the European Parliamentary Elections (23 – 26 May 2019), UNITED is launching an online Index of Discriminatory Political Parties who spread hatred and discrimination in Europe, trying to undermine the achievements we’ve made in terms of equality, solidarity and diversity.

With close to 100 million European citizens still undecided how they will vote, we appreciate the challenge of casting an informed vote.

UNITED’s Index of Discriminatory Political Parties in Europe
therefore provides a crucial overview of political forces that we do not want to see in the European Parliament.

UNITED greatly appreciates the valuable feedback received by our member organisations and volunteers on ground. Without your support this index would not have come to existence!

“We want to return to normality. We want to live in Poland, not in the eurokolkhoz Land, not in the Republic of Polin Friends, not in some rainbow republic in which Jews, sodomites, communists impose on Poles not only how to rule, what is the state system, but also how we are to raise our children, about what history we can remember, what traditions we are allowed to cultivate.” – Confederation (KORWiN), Poland.

“Part of our organism–an important part: our immune system, that which should protect us–has turned against us. We’re being weakened, undermined, surrendered in every respect. Malevolent, aggressive elements are being smuggled into our social body in unprecedented numbers, while true causes and consequences are kept hidden.” – Thierry Baudet, Forum for Democracy (FvD), the Netherlands.

“For our children, to leave behind an Islamic caliphate with sharia law in our cities is not something I want to do and I’m going to do everything in my power to avert this sad ending for Europe.” – Matteo Salvini, Lega Nord (LN), Italy.

These are just few of the examples of racist, hateful, discriminatory messages spread by politicians running for the European Parliament in 2019. Unfortunately, there are many more.

We must not let these forces gain more power by being elected to the European Parliament. This is why we need to continue our fight. Please keep reporting by filling in this form, so that we can expand the index and better inform European citizens whom not to vote for!

We are also using social media to track and call out any incidents of hateful and discriminatory discourse. Follow our actions on Facebook and Twitter, and help us hold nationalist and xenophobic parties accountable. If you come across any unacceptable rhetoric, raise your voice, call them out, tag us in your post, so together we can #MakeThemSmallAgain!


We also encourage you to keep organising activities motivating young people in your area to vote in the EP elections! If you need a last-minute inspiration, check out our activity suggestions – we developed quiz, game and activity ideas for you!

Happy Voting and see you on the brighter side!

Yours truly,

UNITED and its Campaign Preparatory Group

European Parliamentary Elections 2019
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