I attended the ICYE STAR-E meeting in Helsinki. Other UK Trustees, as well as staff, have benefited from attending the STAR-E meetings: these are a great opportunity to learn about our federation partners and to be part of vital joint initiatives which become stronger and more effective from the intra-federation collaboration. Inter-cultural exchange is a fact in our relationships and partnerships, not just in our name.

ICYE UK is proud to be a part of STAR-E and has been enthusiastically involved at every opportunity. We are incredibly grateful to ICJA for facilitating this opportunity to gain a fresh perspective on antiracism from true experts like UNITED. It has been a privilege to be able to send representatives to all STAR-E training seminars, and the information and ideas they have brought back to ICYE UK have been invaluable.

ICYE UK has already integrated a number of training methods learned at STAR-E seminars in to our own training camps and hope that these new training approaches will help educate our volunteers about racism and their role as global citizens.

ICYE UK has also been given the opportunity and the methods to look at our organisational prejudices. It is our hope to make ICYE UK an even more transparent and accessible organisation, open to the widest possible range of potential volunteers and partner organisations.

ICYE UK is looking forward to the next transnational meeting and promoting the publications to wider audiences. We plan to engage with both our host partner organisations in the UK and our global partners around the world to share our learning and to enable more individuals and organisations to benefit from the outcomes of STAR E.

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