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UNITED COnference on Coexistence

Good news, for those who did not apply yet, we are extending the deadline for nominations to take part in our upcoming UNITED conference, which is now 31 March. You can find more information about the conference’s topic and programme here. You can nominate your delegates by using this form. Be aware of the financial … Continue reading “UNITED COnference on Coexistence”

Organizational change training for more diversity

“Now I have a clearer idea of how we can really make change processes, the last time I had an overview, now I really understand,” said one of the participants of the training “Be the Change” which took place in Berlin 2 weeks ago. About 20 colleagues from all over Europe came together for 5 … Continue reading “Organizational change training for more diversity”

Call you for action for the European Week Against Racism (16-24 March 2019)

We call you for action to get UNITED and start planning activities for the upcoming European Week Against Racism (16-24 March 2019). So now, we are very curious to hear what you have planned! We ask you to organise your activities around the theme of face-to-face meetings — to get people from all backgrounds together … Continue reading “Call you for action for the European Week Against Racism (16-24 March 2019)”

AUS participated in training course Be The Change!

Let’s “Be the change”! Ragnhildur and 20 other representatives of 10 youth NGO’s from all over Europe participated in the training course on “Diversity Oriented Change Management” which toook place in Berlin from 18-22nd of February. The course was organized by ICJA in coooperation with SOCIUS an expert organization on organisational development in the frame … Continue reading “AUS participated in training course Be The Change!”

Press Release: “Be the Change” – Training on Diversity-Oriented Change Management

ICJA Volunteer Exchange Worldwide is pleased to welcome 20 representatives of its partner organisations from Denmark, Finland, France, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Poland, Russia, Slovakia and the United Kingdom to Berlin from the 18th to the 22nd of February 2019. The training programme is run by the expert organization SOCIUS . SOCIUS has worked with … Continue reading “Press Release: “Be the Change” – Training on Diversity-Oriented Change Management”

How to incorporate the STAR E learnings in ICYE Denmark

On 14th to 16th November, I participated in the STAR E transnational meeting in London. The aim of the meeting was to contribute to the elaboration of a handbook on racism-critical group methods that can be used to sensitize participants of international youth and voluntary service pprogrammes about racism and discrimination. For me, it was … Continue reading “How to incorporate the STAR E learnings in ICYE Denmark”

Chantier Chalabre (Août 2018)

A l’occasion du festival “Chalabre en Sérénades”, un de nos activités inspirés par la coopération étroite entre les partenaires du projet  Erasmus+ “Star E”, les volontaires du chantier ont pu échanger avec des musicien·ne·s venu·e·s des quatre coins du monde (en l’occurrence : Etats-Unis d’Amérique, Israël, France et Allemagne) et de tout âge (de 30 … Continue reading “Chantier Chalabre (Août 2018)”

Chantier Mille-Pattes 2

Une soirée a été organisée sur la thématique « lutter contre les discriminations et le racisme » avec deux activités. Pour prendre conscience puis analyser les inégalités de chances liées aux privilèges sociaux, une animation souvent utilisée dans les cours intitulés anti-discriminations (qu’on retrouve dans les cursus de commerce, de droit etc.) a été proposée … Continue reading “Chantier Mille-Pattes 2”

Deciding how we share the STAR E learnings (London meeting)

This November, representatives from across the STAR E network came to London to explore the next stage of the programme, which included the kind of activities that can be done to challenge discriminatory attitudes. Within the STAR E network is a smaller team responsible for how we will disseminate the learnings and make them accessible … Continue reading “Deciding how we share the STAR E learnings (London meeting)”