Virtual Multiplier Meeting from ICYE UK

ICYE UK held an online workshop 11th June 2020 to introduce the two handbooks produced in the STAR E project. The workshop was aimed at people interested in exploring new ideas to discuss inequality, privilege, discrimination and racism with young people – particularly in the context of international volunteering.

Dan Milway initially presented the STAR E project, explaining the context, objectives and activities of the project. He then introduced ‘Standing Together Against Racism: A Training Handbook’ and invited the participants to take part in the activity ‘Where Do You Stand’, one of methods from the handbook. This method had been adapted to be used in a virtual / online setting.
Following a short break, the second handbook ‘Managing Organisational Change: Tools and Methods to become a Diversity-Sensitive NGO’ was introduced, with an explanation of how this handbook can be used for organisations such as ICYE or for managing and implementing change in different settings. In small groups the participants then practiced using the ‘Guerrilla Gardening’ method, considering how they could implement change in their own community or organisation.

The feedback from the participants was very positive. It was expressed that the tools used helped to create a space for open communication and to challenge perceptions. The handbooks were shared with the participants and they were encouraged to share them with people in their organisations and communities.

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